Change Culture

Does change really need a certain kind of change culture?

We know that companies can’t be changed overnight. That communication about change processes needs more than a nice presentation. And also that the process getting from one point to another is more important than the result as such.

Nevertheless: In daily business the result of change management keeps being in the spotlight. And not the process. Be sure, your employees will be tired of the constant change. Switching from a centralized to a decentralized strategy just to find out that the old version was quite fine and now the whole process needs to be reversed. 5 times within one decade.

Users icon Your questions?

When and how do I integrate the employees in the change process? How and when do I give which piece information and how should it be conveyed? How do I support people to let the past go? How do I succeed in making way for the new? How can I create a feeling of safety and security in times of change?

Bubbles icon Our answers?

We start with the basic question: What do you really want – a better version of today, the change? Or something really new – the transformation?

And we deeply consider how to convince the employees to leave home. That’s what we really want them to do. More and more often. And again and again.

First and foremost we focus on the dialogue. The dialogue between the ones who initiative changes and the ones who should follow them.

And also here applies:

Our answers are always new and always individual. You decide the altitude, the pace and the target. Simple as that.