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If we ask individuals about their strengths, we often experience the same thing: An hesitation, questioning glances and pauses. And then we frequently get superficial, generalized answers. For example “I’m good with people” or also quite popular, “I am able to withstand stress”. Sure, there are also these people with high self-esteem and who deliver answers quick as a shot. But do these answers really get to the core?

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You would like to find access to your talents and potentials? You would like to find the treasuries hidden somewhere in your closest environment? And if you are really brave and honest with yourself: You don’t have a clear picture of yourself? However you would really like to track it, right?

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And also here applies:

Our answers are always new and always individual. You decide the altitude, the pace and the target. Simple as that.

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You know what’s coming now. Exactly! We don’t have any cookie-cutter tools. We design our methods especially for your needs. However, for those who would like to have more concrete information, here is an excerpt from our favorite tools:

  • Zurich Resource Model (ZRM)
  • Creative visualizations
  • Techniques of imagination
  • Diagnostic tools, like REISS-Profile, Reflector Big Five Personality