Specialist for Team Development

Developing teams. Enabling for peak performance. Conceptualizing workshops. Clarifying conflicts within the team. Bringing people together. Using the personality of the individuals to form a team. Developing differences into strengths. Becoming an expert for team development.

We offer you a training for becoming a team development consultant. Designed by experts, made for experts, intensive, hands-on, personal.

A more detailed document to download will be available approximately mid of may. Anyhow, if you can’t wait any longer just mail us.

Users icon Your questions

  • How do I clarify possible team development requests?
  • How do I conceptualize a team development?
  • Which diagnostic methods are available for teams?
  • How do I develop teams? Which team development phases do exist?
  • How do I manage team development processes during a workshop?
  • How do I initiate and accompany teambuilding processes?
  • Which possibilities for combining personality models and team development approaches do exist and how can I use them?
  • How do I recognize and influence certain team- and group dynamics?
  • How do I use different feedback tools for team development workshops?
  • How do I confidently deal with conflicts? How do I deal with resistance?
  • And generally speaking, which tools and exercises for team development do exist? How can I use them properly?
  • Which methods can I use to ensure a good transfer into practice and further sustainability?

Bubbles icon Our answers

Our answers are up-to-date and even ahead of time. You take part in THE training for becoming a specialist for team development. With your individual targets and questions. You receive individual answers. Our learning methods are interactive and experience-based, with practical examples. Your training group will function as a mirror for your development. Due to this you will always get feedback on what is going on and develop ideas on how to intervene: Which concrete steps are suitable in that very moment.

 Cog icon Our methods

You know what’s coming. Exactly! Our methods are no standardized solutions, which, by the way, we do not like at all. We prefer individual solutions and methods.

Anyhow, for those of you who prefer a concrete answer we prepared an overview on our favorite tools:

  • On the communication level: Listen to & Understand / Questions & Summarize/ Confront & Clarify
  • On the method level: Visualize & Depict / Present / Analyze / Illustrate
  • On the tool level, Personality and Team-Tools such as: Management Drives, Reiss-Profile, Belbin Team Roles, MBTI
  • Procedures: Learning from own experience, Initiative, Brain-compatible, Experience-oriented, Practically
  • Apart from that: Collegial advice, Supervision, Feedback, Feedback, Feedback, Feedback, Feedback, Feedback, Feedback.

Cog icon Your expert

A man who is more than familiar with team development, who has worked in this field for about two decades. Ralf Teichgräber looks back on more than 400 conducted workshops within the last 20 years. Using a group dynamic as well as systematic approach, he focuses on the participants’ personalities to identify the unique character of the team.