Team coaching

Generally people do not have the possibility to choose the team they would like to work with. In the end it is just a random selection of people forming a team. Maybe they were put together because their qualifications match or because different companies fuse.

We often hear phrases like “I do not have to like everybody, I just have to work with them.” We often meet people whose greatest similarity is the executive they work for or the office they sit in. And even more often we meet people who are no longer dedicated to their work.

We believe that there is a clear connection between all these things. Team Coaching provides a framework to explore it. We walk this path together with you. For a while.

Users icon Your questions?

How to establish a team, which might even be able to rise to the occasion?  How can people follow the same path but have nothing in common at the very first glance? What does it take to provide the ideal setting? So that everyone can make use of its full potential?

Bubbles icon Our answers?

In contrast to the individual coaching we have a clear structure for the team coaching. It’s about: Getting to know each other – Clarifying differences – Finding common ground – Understanding – Saying goodbye – New Beginning.

Cog icon Our methods?

You know what’s coming now. Exactly! We don’t have any cookie-cutter tools. We design our methods especially for your needs. However, for those who would like to have more concrete information, here is an excerpt from our favorite tools:

  • Systemic interventions in teams
  • Mediation of conflicts
  • Reflection of structures, processes and tasks
  • Group-dynamic challenges
  • Techniques of feedback
  • Diagnostic tools, like single and group interviews, REISS-Profile, Belbin Team-Roles