Team Development

Again, our basic assumption is: People only dedicate themselves to their work if they feel comfortable. If their talents and individuality are considered.

The development from a “community of purpose” to the “Musketeers”, is certainly a high demanding task. But imagine, it might be possible …

Suppose it grows together what belongs together. Would you then acquire a taste?

Users icon Your questions?

For us team development is a concentrated and compressed training time. Often it is part of a team coaching. But it does not need to be.

It is essential that a central concern of the team will be in the focus of the training. First, we “extinguish fires” e.g., conflicts. If the team development has been established across time then it serves to counteract the first signs of motivation loss.

Bubbles icon Our answers?

Each team is unique. Additionally there are different team rhythms and if these rhythms are lost there will be a problem.

We work with questions such as: How much do you trust each other? How do you deal with conflicts? How much is everyone dedicated to the task? Is the job just an obligation? How much do you strive for achieving a goal together?

We take a very close look at the answers to these questions. Step by step.

Cog icon Our methods?

You know what’s coming now. Exactly! We don’t have any cookie-cutter tools. We design our methods especially for your needs. However, for those who would like to have more concrete information, here is an excerpt from our favorite tools:

  • Knowing and understanding of the personalities of the team members
  • Experience-oriented team-tasks, indoor and outdoor
  • Clarification of expectancies for leadership and cooperation
  • Mediation of conflicts
  • Techniques of feedback
  • Diagnostic tools, like Belbin team-roles, REISS-Profile, Reflector Big Five Personality