Who we are

Nadine Teichgräber

From Berlin
Creative hands-on mind
Outgoing person and catalyst
Speak and inspire
Passion for transformation and teams
Specialist in cases of emotional monosyllabic and cold conflicts

Insight without action does not lead to a change

Ralf Teichgräber

From Duisburg
Humorous strategist
Diplom Psychologist
Advanced thinker and planner
To listen to and take something out of it
Passion for transformation and corporate leaders
Specialist in cases of missing structures and indecision

What remains is the change. What changes remains.

Our biographies start in two, at this time different German states, namely West and East Germany. Also when deciding for our studies we chose different paths. While Ralf decided to work independently by founding his own company, Nadine strived for a career within a company. Today we combine the different experiences we made and especially the different points of view we have – one having the more internal perspective while the other is looking at the companies from a more external point of view.

Our topic remains the dissolution of perceived differences. We thus combine problem awareness with solution orientation, analysis with intuition and creativity with a structured approach. Hence our style is a mixture of curiosity and pragmatism, while being empathetic and at the same time confronting. We combine family and our profession. With this „diversity“ we equally find fulfilment and challenge. We are united in love and marriage as well as raising our beloved daughter. Finally, of course we work together and form one company.