Business coaching. Personally and in touch. Get from one place to another. Discover and understand. Get obstacles out of your way. Receive feedback. Find meaning. Encounter new territory.

Users icon Your questions?

With which questions in mind do you actually start your coaching?

Based on our experience, the key issues arise in the course of the coaching process. There is always another maybe unconscious issue, which might not be your initial key issue. And especially this issue might lead to your personal solution.

Because nothing is as individual as a coaching process . And due to this there are 1001 different occasions for a coaching and at least as many possible ways to Rome.

Anyway all coaching processes have one thing in common; we will be your sparring partner for a certain time. We invite you to take your time to think about certain aspects, what you really feel and maybe even to triple. We invite you to try out something new and understand yourself, your needs even better. We do all this very passionately.

Bubbles icon Our answers?

Are always new and always individual. You decide the altitude, the pace and the target. Simple as that.

Cog icon Our methods?

You know what’s coming now. Exactly! We don’t have any cookie-cutter tools. We design our methods especially for your needs. However, for those who would like to have more concrete information, here is an excerpt from our favorite tools:

  • Methods of systemic intervention
  • Zurich Resource Model (ZRM)
  • Parts of provocative communication
  • Elements of Gestalt therapy
  • Diagnostic tools such as REISS profile , GPOP (Golden Profiler of Personality) / MBTI , Reflector Big 5 Personality